Saturday, February 5, 2011

Review: Maybelline Eyestudio

Hello Ladies (Yes I mean ladies to demoralize you and ready you for war)
Today is a beautiful day to stay in and Review an absolutely helpful item in my Shay makeup bag. Up to bat on my review sheet: Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner

So lettuce begin(: Walking the streets of Walmart something caught my eye:
"I do need a liner" thought I, and for a price of $6.75, she was mine. "Welcome home my little liner" I yelped, and here is her little review. This liner I have to say is one of the best I've used. I had great control with the cute little brush included and not to mention it was a great length for my hand to comfortably "paint" with. The color I chose was I believe a charcoal black; the darkest liner in the collection. It came on extremely dark and for my eye's ever changing color I love how it increased my eye color standing out. More piccy's?

Which reminds me! Prior to getting this little makeup gem of mine, I created a zebra look on my eye since the gel was so easily aplided to my eye lids. I'll redo and polish the look for my little cream puffs and show you, maybe a little tutorial as well? To conclude I'll provide a little sample pic of the liner with a little wing tip; nothing complex:

P.S. When working with this brush I recomend (If you don't already) wash this brush after every use. The brush will get stiff as a mo'fo and no one wants an unworkable brush (can I hear and amen!)

Kisses, Shay (Soya)


  1. what's sticking out of that picture of your arm?

  2. @ Anon, I think that's her elbow bone, if that's what you mean! :P


  3. @Annon it's my fist XD I have a tiny fist I tried it open hand but it's just plain weird :D

  4. @Soya
    Hahahaha I totes thought that was your elbow XD
    and then i was like... wtf? Why would she put the eyeliner on her elbow? And then I was like... well, it IS Shay after all :DD