Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Inseparables

Hey everyone!~ So as we all know, everyone has those little things that they absolutely can't live without. Okay, okay, maybe we can live without them, but still! It's different for everybody, for some it could be a family photo, or for others it could be a keychain! That's why I always find it interesting to hear about other people's things they simply "cannot live without".

First and foremost: my rings! It's going on three years that I've worn these precious pieces of metal on my hands. I bought them at different places, and if you read my last post you would remember that I shop around just about everywhere! The first one I bought was one that I had wanted to get for a long time.
It was extremely expensive however! That's when the bargain hunting side of me kicked into gear: It was time to head to Ebay!
I finally found it. It was a beautiful, purple smokescreen coffin on a pewter ring. It was the real deal! I doublechecked all the details then made my purchase. A few weeks later it was mailed to me, from England! I got it brand new for $60 versus the original price of $130. The only time it leaves my finger is when I step in the shower! While I was on Ebay I saw another ring that caught my eye. It was a plain silver one with a pile of 10 skulls on top. Considering the fact that I collect skulls, (Weird, I know.) I knew I had to have it. I made the purchase of it the same day. Only $10 not including shipping. This one actually took longer to be shipped to me than my other one from the U.k., but it was coming from Hong Kong I found out, so I couldn't really complain. The other ring I wear, Nikki actually got for me (You could say she got a five fingered discount if you catch my drift)! It's plain silver with a tribal mark carved into it. I love it! My last ring I actually bought from a store (I forget the name) at the amazing outlet malls in my state. It's the same size as the plain silver one, but it's black and has two Skull and Crossbones on the front of it. 'Love it! So, I pretty much feel naked if I'm not wearing these each day!

Click to see it on Sephora's Website
Next up: My cologne. Oh, my cologne! You could say that I fell in love with it as soon as I got it. It's Versace, and it's called "Versace: Pour Homme". There's really no way of describing the scent of this fragrance, other than it's amazing. I got for it as a Christmas present this past year, and I was really excited. I had wanted it after I had smelled the sample of it in a a magazine! You can actually find it for a pretty cheap price in some online stores, such as or even some pharmacy websites I believe. However, since my parents bought it at Macy's, they ended up paying almost about a $100 for it. It's just as visually pleasing as well, so I'm sure any of you guys out there will enjoy it. Now to the sad part, because of my clumsiness, I knocked it off of my restroom counter only a few weeks after I received it. To say I was upset would be an understatement. Although I'm planning on buying another one so it's all good. :)

And lastly: My vans. That's right kids, Vans! I am in love with these shoes. If you don't know about it, Vans is a Skate/Surf company that opened years ago when my dad was a teenager. Since my dad always wore them when he was younger back in his skating days, he has no problem buying them for me usually. Although these days since I'm working I usually buy my own.
I received my first pair 5 years ago: the iconic black and white checkerboard design. Soon many more were to follow! You can buy Vans in many several different styles, the most popular being the slip on. For a while I had just the regular black and red sneaker style, but my feet grew out of them. As I did with my first pair. Today I have about 8 pairs and am in love with them all! I have the lace up's and the slip ons. What I love about Vans is that they can match pretty much cater to anyone's style. If you're a Country type person and have a love for Camo, they've got you covered. If you're looking for a fun pair and are into bright, electric colors, then they're the place to go. Now for alot of people the prices may seem a little steep; I usually pay about $45 to $50 something for each pair. However, with a little smart shopping around you can find them for decent prices. I buy most of my shoes online from my favorite store, . What's great about this site is that the shipping is free, ALWAYS, and you'll usually get your order in about 2 days. Overall, Vans are great shoes. Whether you're looking for some to go rip up the half pipe or just for a night on the town, Vans is the solution.

So these are the 3 things that I "can't live without". They may seem a little silly to others, but they are an every day necessity for me! Thanks for reading peeps!~
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