About Us

     So, many of you may be wondering: "What the heck are these little kids doing?"

     Well, this page should answer just that, and more!

     The Alt Kids is made up of three great friends Nikki, Chase, and the lovely Shay! This blog was originally GlamorousMonstrosity as that's Nikki's youtube name, and she used this blog for posting pictures and product lists for her tutorials. It's still used for that, but, Chase and Shay have always wanted to blog, so she thought they'd be a damn good asset to the blog!

So just to break it down...

      Nikki is a 17 year old aspiring Freelance Makeup Artist. She's been doing makeup for a little over a year now. Nikki brings everything makeup and beauty to the blog. She posts reviews of makeup, pictures and product lists for her makeup tutorials, as well as posts on her style and favorites lists.
      She enjoys doing makeup, sewing, Facebooking, Tweeting, and such movies as: Big Momma's house (1,2 and soon, 3), Accepted, Nick and Nora's Infinate Playlist, and PirateRadio. She likes bands such as: Panic! At The Disco, Chevelle, Cradle of Filth, PlayRadioPlay, NeverShoutNever, Chiodos, Bring Me The Horizon, and many more.
     Nikki plans to attend a community college in the fall of 2011 to begin study for her Cosmetology license. :)

     Chase is an 18 year old aspiring Journalist. He's such a great writer! Chase brings everything style to the blog. He'll be doing posts on Men's Alternative Style/Fashion as well as reviews and favorites lists.
     He enjoys writing, watching television (especially when Degrassi is on), shopping, hanging with good friends, and going to Taco Bell. :) Just like Nikki, he likes Big Momma's House as well as other movies like The Exorcist, Paranormal Activity (1 and 2), Edward Scissor Hands, and Super Bad. His music intrests include: Enter Shikari, Parkway Drive, WhiteChapel, Suicide Silence, Rob Zombie, Versa Emerge, and more.
     Chase plans to major in English at a 4 year college in the fall of 2011 :)

     Shay is, like Nikki, a 17 year old aspiring makeup artist. She is so creative, and a self proclaimed prude. Shay brings everything makeup, beauty, and style to the blog, as well as a sprinkle of Zen.
     She enjoys Facebooking, hanging out with friends, learning Tagalog, playing video games, doing her makeup, and most of all, being lazy. She enjoys such movies as: Hostile, Symbol, The Science of Sleep, Hard Candy, Suicide Girls: Guide to Living, and Whip It. Her music interests include: The Brute Chorus, Her Space Holiday, Bjork, RBRBRB, The Lost Levels, The Flies, and many more.
     Shay plans to attend pre-med school as well as study makeup starting in the fall of 2012. :)

     So Crumpets, we hope that gives you a better idea of what we're doing here. We take this blog really seriously and we love it. It's our baby! We hope you enjoy it and love it as much as we do. Please feel free to comment and leave us any requests on what you'd like to see. :D