Friday, February 4, 2011

Nikki's Youtube Favies

So for a little while now, I've been wanting to do a post about this topic: My Favorite Youtubers! So I though I'd make you guys a little list of my favs. Some of these tubers are well known and Youtube Partners while others are still up and coming and you may have never heard of them. Nonetheless, here we go (in no particular order of course)!

Note: If you want to visit a youtuber's channel, simply click on their picture here in the list :)

Petrilude - A Makeup GOD! From Chicago, Illinois, Josh is a FANTASTIC makeup artist! He does everything from neutral and dramatic looks, to special effects, and even Drag. Gotta' love him!

Chararie03 ‏- This girl is so talented. She's not too big on the interwebs quite yet, but let me tell you, she's climbing up there! She has some really fantastic looks, wearable and super dramatic! Plus, she's your go-to girl for makeup on a budget, yea!

ProfoundTorture - Wow! This girl is fantastic! She's so talented, she does amazing dramatic makeup. Every Goth Girly needs to be subscribed to her! She's so awesome, words don't even describe!

GregoryGORGEOUS - Now if you don't know who this boy is, you must live under a rock! So amazing for androgynous makeup. One of the fiercest bitches on the planet right here!

KINGgutterface - Now, Kai doesn't have many tutorials on his page, but he does have a few. Mr. Gutterface is fantastic for those Goth/Cyber boys who fancy wearing makeup!

KyonDimble - All the way from Italy, this girl does some sick makeup! Most of her stuff is really theatricle and most definitely not wearable at all, but nonetheless, she has some great, great stuff!
And last but not least...
Meliney - This is your go to girl right here for nails! All the way from Australia, Meliney has some of the best nail art tutorials out there! From cutesy to funny, to edgy, you'll definitely find what you're looking for here!

Well dolls, that's pretty much it for my favorites. I hope you enjoyed. Please don't forget to comment! :D


  1. thanks a lot hunnie!! :) <3
    KyonDimble aka PureBlackLove aka Eva ;)