Friday, February 4, 2011

A Pill Called Sugar

So, babes, I'm sure many of you might know, if you stalk me enough here on the interwebs, that this review is long over due! But~, nonetheless, better late than never, eh?
I'm sure more than most of you have heard of Sugarpill Cosmetics! Created by Amy Doan, Sugarpill launched its line of pressed eye shadows, chromalusts and false lashes in February of 2010. In the one year that they've been in business, Amy and her company have gained so much popularity on the interwebs!
So, I purchased these goodies during July of 2010, which seems like so long ago now! But at any rate, when the package arrived to my door, I went nuts! I was like a little kiddie in a candy store!
My Sugarpill

When I opened the box, there was gorgeous hot pink tissue paper, a note written by Amy Doan, the owner, on my invoice, and then there they were: my two Eyeshadow Quads and my more than lovely Chromalust!
So what the heck did I get, you might be asking? Well, I know you're excited, but you need to calm down, deary!
Here's the dealio, I got the Cold Heart Quad, the Burning Heart Quad, and Goldilux, the Chromalust.

The Cold Heart quad came with a Purple, Matte Black, Shimmery Blue, and Matte White eyeshadow. The lovely Burning Heart quad comes with a bright Matte Yellow, a very pretty Matte Orange, a GORGEOUS Matte Red, and that same Purple from the Cold Heart quad. Then, there's Goldilux, a fierce gold color! I love it, when they say it looks like gold foil on your eye, they ain't lyin'!

Here's some photos of what I got:

Burning Heart Quad

Cold Heart Quad

Goldilux [Isn't it amazing?]

Hmm, now what do I think of these shadows? I Freakin' love 'em! They are so great! They're very soft, smooth, very easy to blend, and build up as well. The colors are so vibrant and just -- YUMMY!

I absolutely love the packaging as well, the design on the front is so pretty, and I love how you can just pop the shadows right out of the pans. The only negative that I have to mention for the packaging is, the Chromalusts don't have sifter tops. It saddens me because I've dropped my Goldilux quite a few times. Another negative for me would be the price. The prices are a bit steep for me as of now. But then again, everyone is different, yea. Thankfully; I should be getting a job soon, so I can get my Sugarpill fix! Can I get a "Haaaay~"?

Well my dearies, that's going to be about it for this one! I definitely recommend Sugarpill Cosmetics' products to the makeup junkie and especially to those ladies, and gentlemen who do freelance work. In moderation, their products can be very affordable and well worth it. Trust me, you'll be rummaging through your couch cushions to find some more money for your next order.

Disclaimer: All of these products were purchased by me, none of them were given to me as freebies.

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