Friday, February 4, 2011

The Best Thing Since Chocolate

Hey, hey, dolls~! I'm really enjoying updating the blog now-a-days. I hope you're enjoying it too; more importantly.
Well enough gibber jabber, let's just get right into it, eh?

Pretty recently, I'm sure many of you have seen a new indie cosmetics company emerge on facebook. That's right kiddies, I'm talking about INAZ Cosmetics.

Based out of San Antonio, Texas, Inaz launched it's line of pigments and glitters only a few months ago. Since its release, they have gotten great reception on the interwebs! Over all, people are Loving Inaz Cosmetics and their products.

Now, as cliche as this is going to sound, not only am I giving them a shout-out, miss honey, but, I'm also a customer of theirs! I've got to say; I LOVE THEIR STUFF! The pigments that I have so far are in the picture below.

My Pigments
Their eye shadows are so, so beautiful, and I hardly use that word! They're super smooth, blendable; the colors are incredible, so bright and vibrant. They are just truly unique!
They sell full size jars (10 grams) of their pigments at just $10, very affordable. The glitters are just $6.50 for a 10 gram jar, and recently their newly released blushes are just $15 for a whole 20 grams of product!
Now for some of our wallets, those prices are a little steep, myself included. Thankfully, Inaz sells sample sizes of all of their products. Glitters and Pigments can be bought in 1/4 tsp sizes for just $1.50 and blushes can be sampled in 1/2 tsp for only $3! Those prices are so great, and very reasonable, people from almost any budget can get their hands on Inaz Cosmetics' products.

Here are some swatches.

Other than purchasing some of their products around the holidays, the other day I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview the HBIC's (that's head bitches in charge of course) of Inaz Cosmetics, Miss Amber Rose and Señor Eric Garcia. They gave me the inside scoop to questions that many people have been dying to know! Take a look...

- When did you get started in makeup?
I have always loved makeup; eye makeup in particular. It has been my Achilles Heel! I probably started getting more serious about it in my later teens though where I really started going for more bold and vibrant eye colors and ever since then, I never went back!

- What inspired you to create the colors for Inaz?
Everything from beautiful flowers, bright colored birds, to a bright colored dish. I get inspiration from all around me, plus I knew there had to be people out there like me that are ridiculously addicted to bright colors!

-Have you always wanted to have a makeup line?
No. I can honestly say the thought never crossed my mind, but I thought, when I started creating the colors, that we might have something here; and Eric said lets go for it!

-Who do you aspire to be like or who are some of your idols?
Michael Jackson; some of my other idols are Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and of course, Selena!

-What are some of your favorite Cosmetics Companies and what products are you loving right now?
Inaz Cosmetics, of course, and I'm really digging my new Bare Minerals foundation kit.

-What's the process of creating you're own makeup like? Does it ever get stressful?
It is a lot of fun for us! I love makeup so I'm in 'la la land' right now. It seriously is a blast! We have a lot of fun doing this!

-Do you plan to expand your company to more then just pigments and glitters?
We sure do! [AN: Inaz recently released a collection of blushes.]Inaz Cosmetics Photo

-How do you come up with the names for your products?
We go for the most unique names! Usually goddess or Gothic and medieval names, as well as names of some of my favorite genres of music, T.V., and video games.

-Where's the farthest or most unusual place that you've shipped to?
Austria and France!

-What was the first color/product you ever made?
I think is was Midas and Eric's first one was Victoria!

-What do you think sets your company apart from the others that are out there?
I think that we are more hands on and involved in all of our products, we really strive to have great customer service and products as well, and we actually care about our customers and their happiness!

-Where does the name Inaz Cosmetics come from?
I believe she is a goddess of the moon! We love unique names. Oh, and also I love how everyone pronounces in differently too! It's really cool.

-What do you do in your spare time?
I love to dance, sing, and read when not making colors myself. Eric loves listening to music and going to the movies.

-Did you ever expect the company to become as popular as it has this fast?
No we sure didn't! I must say we are very pleasantly surprised!

-What's your favorite thing about having a makeup line?
I love that we can make this line what we want it to be. It's great to create something and know that you decide how to run it.

A look from Inaz

So now, let's say, hypothetically of course, :) that you want to buy some products from Inaz Cosmetics. Well then loves, you would hypothetically *cough, cough* go to their facebook page: Inaz Pigments or Inaz Cosmetics. Then after friend-ing or liking their page(s), you can then see photos of products, swatches, and even looks done by other Inaz customers.
To place orders after going hog-wild and picking out what your little heart desires, just send your orders and shipping address in a message to Inaz Pigments or in an email to or and make your payment through Paypal ( They also take money orders. Just let them know in your order email and they'll give you the address.

So babes, to wrap this package up (with a cute ass bow of course), Inaz cosmetics is one kick ass company. Their products are fantabulous and if you ever have problems, Miss Amber Rose and Señor Eric are always there to help. If you buy their products, you will never be disappointed. You'll be coming back for more every single time. (Some people have even needed a 12 step program, so proceed at your own risk, or just go psycho! Don't be afraid to put another eyeshadow into your order, Miss Amber won't mind. Plus, you're not driving tonight anyways!)

Disclaimer: All of these products were purchased by me. None of them were given to me as freebies!

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