Friday, February 4, 2011

Guess Who's Back....~!

Well HELLO! Lovies,
I finally decided to get this blog back up and running!
I've been seeing other blogs that I'm loving and I thought: What the heck! I'll bring this thing back again.

With that said, what have I been up to? You might be wondering, and eh, then again you might not.
Well, I'll just tell you everything since the new year. I don't want to bore you, dolls. Well, the new year rang in! I had a great New Years Eve.
As of late, I've just been going through school and I've actually been doing makeup on several friends, family members and class mates, of course using good sanitation techniques, because 'nobody wants Herp-Eye! Can I get an Amen? So far, I haven't had many complaints. Hopefully, no news is good news.
I also applied for College just a few weeks ago! I'm really excited. I applied to Del Mar College's Cosmetology program. I believe they take about a month to get back to you on weather you've been accepted or not. Nonetheless, I'm absolutely stoked! Also, I'm thinking about shadowing a really well known MUA in my area. Her name is Megan Martinez, and she's absolutely FABULOUS! Just, Check out her work, she's FIERCE! Looky She's great isn't she? Pff, I know it! I just don't really know how to approach it. But hey, we'll see how it goes.

Well, I think that's about it loves. I can't wait to get this blog back up and running! I think it's about time it did, eh? I hope I can get more followers and such.
Please check out the facebook page I have set up for the channel. It's a great way to see looks that don't make it into tutorials and to show off your own looks as well. Click here

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